Why should we use song to teach English?

Using the creative arts to teach subjects across the curriculum improves your students’ outcomes.

Teaching English through song is one such example.

Teach your students a new song once a week and sing it every day in class. It will be beneficial in numerous ways.

Here are some of them:

  • Song brings people together and aids group cohesion.
  • It is used extensively whilst teaching a first language to children, as the benefits are proven.
  • We remember songs.  They stay with us.
  • Through song, students can improve their vocabulary and literacy skills.
  • Song enables the teacher to point out and work on difficult phonemes. 
  • It is a great way to teach rhythm, connected speech and intonation. 
  • Songs teach us about culture and are an important part of most cultures.
  • The emotions expressed in a song make it easier to remember. 
  • Singing is pleasurable and interesting. It increases the endorphins which make people feel relaxed.
  • We can listen to and repeat a song many times more than a standard dialogue.
  • Using song in the ESL classroom brings several intelligences together at the same time and strengthens the learning process.
  • Language teaching has traditionally used the written form as the model, when actually song is much closer to everyday speech.
  • Song reaches learners with left and right brain strengths.

And….it’s fun!

Start introducing singing into your English teaching, browse Urban Lyrebird's Song books, CDs and individual audio tracks

Purchase PDFs of units & songs from this website and books and CDs through Bookery.  

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Ideas for communicative activities with song

CSWE 1 align Sing with me!

CSWE 11 modules aligned with Sing with me!

CSWE 111 modules aligned with Sing with me!



Urban Lyrebirds books and CDs are available from Bookery


Feedback from our Sing for your English workshops:

  • Very fun and useful! Wonderful!
  • Good ideas for class
  • One of the best workshops we’ve ever had
  • Great – made me realise we can all create songs to teach English!
  • Good to see how you can adapt it for different levels
  • Fun, confidence building
  • Absolutely brilliant workshop!
  • Inspiring

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