• Ask the students to stand in a circle.
  • You can give the text at this point or teach without text and introduce it later on cards.
  • Listen to the song line by line and find an appropriate gesture or action for the line.
  • Teach each line through repetition and gestures.
  • Then the class repeats your words and movements.
  • Finish the first four lines then go back and sing them as a chunk.
  • You can focus on linking and correct pronunciation at this point.
  • Now do the same with the next four lines of the song.
  • Keep the lesson moving along in order to maintain enthusiasm.


  • In the circle, give each group of three students a line to sing using both words and actions.
  • Rotate lines between groups, so everyone gets three or four opportunities to sing.
  • Next divide the class into two groups, so each group sings their lines in turn or alternate lines.
  • Divide the group into males and females. Each group sings two or three lines in turn.
  • Finally sing the whole song together.
  • By this point students will have practised the song many times in different combinations and will have a good grasp of lyrics and pronunciation features AND they will have had fun

It is not important for the teacher to be a good singer as the students will pick up the melody quickly.

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Feedback from our Sing for your English workshops:

  • Very fun and useful! Wonderful!
  • Good ideas for class
  • One of the best workshops we’ve ever had
  • Great – made me realise we can all create songs to teach English!
  • Good to see how you can adapt it for different levels
  • Fun, confidence building
  • Absolutely brilliant workshop!
  • Inspiring

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