Here's a heart warming story on the power of music...

After attending the CamTESOL conference in February, I returned to Vietnam to volunteer my services as an experienced English teacher. In previous years, I had successfully used the resources, "Sing with me!", with my own students so I knew they worked, but when I attended Sharon and Carmel’s workshops at the CamTESOL conference, I decided to purchase my own copy and take them back with me to Vietnam. 

Vietnamese students of all ages loved them and I trialed them with Secondary, High schools and University students, even informal sessions with groups of keen learners. But they were a particular hit at Nyugen Nha Centre for people with disabilities, in Quy Nhon. Voice is critical when learning a new language and I couldn't think of a better way to develop sounds than through singing. It is so much fun and by using a combination of conversation, rhythm and music it seems to free the inhibitions of students learning a language.

This is particularly so when working in a group. So we had the physically disabled sitting on one side of the room and the blind on the other. We managed to direct the blind across the room to the those in chairs and still shake hands and use gesture to help assist our words when practicing "It’s nice to see you”.  Talk about laugh. We had a ball. In the end I donated the resource to the centre and my new Boss speaker as they loved to sing and I couldn't think of any better way to continue as we started!

Julie EAL Teacher TAFE QLD

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Feedback from our Sing for your English workshops:

  • Very fun and useful! Wonderful!
  • Good ideas for class
  • One of the best workshops we’ve ever had
  • Great – made me realise we can all create songs to teach English!
  • Good to see how you can adapt it for different levels
  • Fun, confidence building
  • Absolutely brilliant workshop!
  • Inspiring

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